Email Blasting Software

What is Email Blasting?

Email Blasting is a system of electronic mailing which helps in sending mail to large mailing list. It is mainly used by the marketers who require sending promotional or advertising Emails to the list of the clients. Email Blasting usually happens with the help of particular software or via Email service provider.

Email Blasting is best way to advertise amongst the clients, but the people need to be signed-up to receive the messages. There are many online web portals where the software can be purchased.

Sending adverts through Emails to random people is referred as spamming.

Common Features of Email Blasting Software

  • Imports Email Addresses
  • Mass Mailing
  • In-built Email Templates
  • Verifies Email Addresses
  • CAN-SPAM submission
  • Email Campaigning
  • Managed Remotely
  • Email Blasting is a Permission Centered Email Marketing

About The Software

Many Email Blasting Software platforms are self-hosted. The client buys a license or advances their own platform and then self-hosts the database. Usually, the benefit of this type of platform is the absence of constant monthly fee to the developer/owner of the database.